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                                                         April 11, 2021






HB 1197: Dual-phase design-build method of construction contracting: revise certain provisions. An Act to amend Section 31-7-13.1. 

Author – Lamar. Committee Assignment -Ways and Means (TSDP). 02/03 (H) amended. 02/03 (H) passed as amended. 02/04 (H) transmitted to the Senate.  02/18 (S) Referred to Finance: Accountability, Efficiency, Transparency.03/02 (S) DR-TSDPAA; FI to AC. 03/02 (S) TSDP as amended. 03/10 (S) Amended. 03/10 Passed as amended.

03/11 (S) Returned for concurrence. 

03/17 (H) Declined to Concur/Invite Conference 

03/23 (H) Conferees named – Lamar, Steverson, Massengill

03/24 (S) Conferees named – Harkins, Thompson, Caughman

03/29 (S) Conference Report filed

03/29 (H) Conference Report filed

03/30 (S) Conference Report adopted

03/30 (H) Conference Report adopted

04/01 (H) Enrolled Bill Signed

04/01 (S) Enrolled Bill Signed

04/05 Due from Governor 04/22/21




SB 2827: Public purchases; specify requalification process for construction manager at risk soliciting bids for projects. An Act to amend 31-7-13.2, to require a construction manager at risk to solicit bids for a project; to allow the construction manager at risk, in consultation with the relevant agency or governing authority, to prequalify contractors or vendors; to specify qualifications that may be considered; to require publication at least two weeks in advance of the prequalification, of the qualifications to be considered; to provide information in a timely and complete manner; to provide protections for confidential and proprietary information submitted by a bidder during the prequalification process.  

Author – Harkins; Committee – Accountability, Efficiency, Transparency (TSDP).02/11 Transmitted to the House. 02/25 (H) Referred to Workforce Development. 03/02 (H) TSDP. 03/09 (H) Amended. 03/09 (H) Passed as amended

03/10 (H) Returned for concurrence. 

03/25 (S) Concurred in amendment from House

03/27 (S) Enrolled Bill signed

03/27 (H) Enrolled Bill signed

04/05 Approved by Governor





HB 1077: An Act to amend Section 11-53-81, to revise the definition of the term “Open Account”; to require an open account creditor to send a demand to the current address of an account debtor through certain means; to provide that the account debtor shall be liable for expenses and costs in addition to attorney’s fees.

Author – Zuber; Committee – 01/18 referred to Banking and Financial Services.  01/28 (H) TSDP. 02/10 (H) Motion to Reconsider. 02/11 (H) Motion to Reconsider tabled. 02/11 (H) Transmitted to Senate.  02/17 (S) Referred to JUD A. 03/02 (S) TSDP.  03/10 (S) Passed as amended (Reverse Repealer).

03/11 (S) Returned for Concurrence

03/18 (H) Decline Concurrence/Invite Conference

03/22 (H) Conferees named Turner, Aguirre, Yancey

03/23 (S) Conferees named Wiggins, McCaughn, Barrett 

03/27 (S) Conference Report filed

03/27 (H) Conference Report filed

03/28 (H) Recommitted for further Conference

03/28 (S) Recommitted for further Conference

04/01 (H) Died on Calendar.






SB 2822: An Act to create the “Mississippi Flexible Tax Incentive Act”; to define terms to establish requirements and standards for application to the Mississippi Development Authority for certification and award of the Mississippi Flexible Tax Incentive to establish requirements and standards for the certification and award of the MS Flexible Tax Incentive by the MS Development Authority to a qualified business or industry for a qualified economic development project.    

Author: Parker. Additional Author: Harkins; Committee – Finance; Economic & Workforce Development. 02/17 (S) DR – TSDP. FI to EC. 02/17 TSDP. 02/18 (S) Passed. 02/22 (S) Transmitted to House. 02/24 (H) Referred to Ways and Means. 03/11 (H) TSDP. 03/15 (H) Read the Third time.03/16 (H) Amended.

03/17 (H) Returned for Concurrence 

03/18 (S) Decline to Concur/Invite Conference

03/22 (S) Conferees named – Harkins, Parker, Filligane

03/23 (H) Conferees named – Lamar, Steverson, Massengill

03/27 (S) Died in Conference



SB 2874: An Act to create a new Section in Title73, Chapter 59, to require that all residential contractors, in order to obtain a building permit in this state, possess a permit from the Department of Revenue issued under Section 27-65-27; to define “Residential Contractor” for the purposes of this permit requirements.

Author-Harkins; Committee -Finance (TSDP). Passed out 02/01. On the Senate Calendar 02/09 (S) Passed. 02/10 (S) Transmitted to House. 02/24 (H) Transmitted to Ways and Means. 03/02 (H) TSDP.03/09 (H) Amended. 03/09 Passed as amended.

03/10 (H) Returned for concurrence. 

03/17 (S) Decline to Concur/Invite Conference 

03/18 (S) Conferees named – Harkins, McMahan, Thompson

03/23 (H) Conferees named - Lamar, Steverson, Massengill

03/29 (S) Conference Report filed

03/29 (H) Conference Report filed

03/30 (H) Conference Report adopted

03/30 (S) Failed

03/30 (S) Motion to Reconsider entered

03/30 (S) Reconsidered

04/01 (S) Enrolled Bill Signed

04/01 (H) Enrolled Bill Signed

04/05 Due from Governor 04/22/21




HB 1263: Occupational licensing; provide for recognition of out-of-state licenses if applicants satisfy certain conditions.  An Act to amend Section 73-50-1, to provide that Mississippi Occupational Licensing Boards shall issue a license to an applicant who establishes residence in this State if the applicant holds a current license in Good Standing from another State, has been licensed by the other State for at least one year and satisfies certain other conditions; to provide that the license issued to the applicant will be in the discipline applied for and the same practice level as determined by the Occupational Licensing Board.  

Author: Currie, Owen, Brown (20th); Committee – Workforce Development (TSDP). Amended 02/03. Passed as amended 02/03. 02/04 transmitted to Senate.02/18 (S) Referred to Accountability, Efficiency, Transparency. 03/01 (S) TSDP as amended. 03/09 Passed as amended.

03/10 (S) Returned for concurrence.  

03/16 (H) Concurred in Amendment from Senate

03/18 (H) Enrolled Bill signed

03/19 (S) Enrolled Bill signed

03/25 Approved by Governor



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The Mississippi ASA Board of Directors on or before December 31st of each year accepts nominations from its membership for General Contractors, Architects & Engineers who should be considered as ASA “Partnership Member Firms”. This is an elite group of construction professionals that are NOT subcontractors or supplies and they are not eligible to become ASA Member Firms. This program was established so that the chapter could recognizes those firms that exemplify strong professional working relationships with ASA of Mississippi’s member firms. All “Partnership Member Firms” are discussed and voted on by the chapters Board of Directors.

ASA is proud to announce its 2021 Partnership Program Nominees:

  • Benchmark Construction – David Marsh – President
  • Brasfield & Gorrie -  Ryan Springer – Project Director
  • JESCO Construction, Inc. - Jerry Maxcy – President
  • Probity Contracting Group, Inc. – Matt Harrell - President
  • The Power Source - Andy Covington
  • GSK Mechanical - Kevin Starks
  • CDFL - Gene Crager



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